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About the OutFit, Inc.

About The OutFit, Inc.

A professional services contractor to the US Army Medical Command, The OutFit specializes in building solid teams by joining skills and expertise with various businesses to provide the best possible outcomes for government projects.

The OutFit focuses its efforts on:

  • Facility Planning
  • Project Management & Integration
  • Construction Quality Management
  • Initial Outfitting & Transition Support
  • Emergency Management


Quality of Work

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

The OutFit provides the eyes and ears on the ground for our clients to insure a quality product. Second only to safety, quality assurance on our projects is our top priority. Our success has been earned by taking the necessary steps to guarantee quality performance.


Safety & Compliance

All of our employees, especially our Construction Quality Management specialists, participate in construction meetings, safety coordination, site/field inspections, and site evaluations to insure contractors are performing work per US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) standards - including but not limited to EM 385-1-1 which promotes the motto "Preserving Lives and Property through Risk Management".


Planning Expertise

Even the most straight forward projects need a plan to succeed. There are virtually NO Medical Construction Projects that are "Simple" - Planning is an absolute necessity. The more thoroughly a project is planned, the less it will cost to complete - both with time and money.

The OutFit is based on that principle in everything we do. Planning ahead - including risks and variables - is the key to any project's and company's success.



The professional team at The OutFit has more than 350 years of combined Project Management and Construction Quality Management experience. Through a disciplined approach to planning, organizing, communicating, controlling resources, and most importantly, understanding the clients mission - The OutFit team achieves all goals and objectives of each project with the highest performance standards in the industry.

The knowledge, skill and talent of The OutFit team combines to provide clients' service that is second to none. High caliber work doesn't have to include a high price tag. Working within government budgets is a specialty of The OutFit.