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Brandy Worley, President

Brandy Worley is the Owner, President, and CEO of the OutFit. Graduating college as a Development Planner, she served the State of Texas and several municipal governments planning cities, transportation, and healthcare facilities. She served as Executive Liaison to the Texas State Senate and had found great success before deciding to marry an Army Medical Service Corps Officer. Once immersed in the army lifestyle, she realized a need for honest, qualified, and informed government contractors for US Army Medical Treatment Facilities. This realization altered the course of her original career plans.

From leading a team of planners and analysts supporting the development of facilities in Korea, to providing coordination, proposals, and facility planning for MEDCOM projects throughout the country, Brandy has developed a reputation for building and leading elite teams of professionals.

Through the last 15 years in the military health system industry, Brandy has worked closely with the Defense Health Agency, Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers in some capacity on every medical treatment facility within the department of defense inventory. Her exceptional service to the government client has always been met with the highest regards. Brandy's solid work ethic and intense passion for her country, military servicemembers and their families, makes her incredibly dedicated to her company and its goal to be a part of the solution in meeting the healthcare needs of America's heroes; past, present, and future.

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The knowledge, skill and talent of The OutFit team combines to provide clients' service that is second to none. High caliber work doesn't have to include a high price tag. Working within government budgets is a specialty of The OutFit.