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Project Management

Project Management

A project by definition is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end. Add time constraints, unique goals and objectives, and defined deliverables, and you get effective Project Management. Effective Project Management requires distinct technical skills and strong communication strategies.

The professional team at The OutFit has more than 350 years of combined Project Management and Construction Quality Management experience. Through a disciplined approach to planning, organizing, communicating, controlling resources, and most importantly, understanding the clients mission - The OutFit team achieves all goals and objectives of each project with the highest performance standards in the industry. The OutFit is always part of the solution and never the problem.

With our current focus on Army Medical Treatment Facilities and Systems, The OutFit has recruited a team that includes experienced Project Managers, Facility Specialists, and Construction Quality Managers of the highest level. For example, The OutFit fully understands the delicate balance necessary to renew a troop medical clinic to improve patient flow while coordinating all construction activities, Infection Control, and power outages with the users so the clinic can remain fully functional during the project.

The OutFit not only strives to meet the scope, time, budget and quality of every project but also to share our experience and expertise to create the best possible project delivery for the end user - the medical staff and their patients - our warriors and their families.


The knowledge, skill and talent of The OutFit team combines to provide clients' service that is second to none. High caliber work doesn't have to include a high price tag. Working within government budgets is a specialty of The OutFit.