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Fort McNair Medical Clinic Project Management

Fort McNair Medical Clinic Project Management

The OutFit, in its teaming role with Clarke Project Solutions, provides on-site Project Management services for McNair Army Health Clinic. Our primary area of focus is support of the McNair renovation project with secondary support of Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center. Our project manager gathers input from the facility manager, makes field surveys to investigate existing layouts and conditions and reports this information to the appropriate Government officials. The OutFit PM assists in the development of Scopes of Work and government estimates for repair and minor construction projects. Our PM ensures conformance with NFPA codes, National Electric Codes, Joint Commission standards, life safety standards, and other applicable codes and standards with agency criteria. The OutFit coordinates with facility infection control and safety officers to ensure compliance and implement effective policies.

Additionally, The OutFit monitors construction contractor quality control activities and provides timely coordination with hospital staff to ensure proper reviews and notification of projects and utility outages. Our PM attends all pre- construction, staff and in-progress reviews, other project-related meetings, and participates in final on-site inspections of completed work.

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