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RPIE-RFID Quality Assurance Support

RPIE-RFID Quality Assurance Support

Under our teaming agreement with Altus Architectural Studios, The OutFit provides Facilities Support Services via the USACE-HNC. The OutFit, Inc. provides support for the task of providing RPIE and RFID Coordination Support and Quality Assurance at enterprise wide facilities. Our team performs project resourcing plans, communicating programmatic and technical requirements to senior stakeholders, and assisting in resolving issues, as necessary.

As part of our task, The OutFit analyzes and evaluates all RPIE tagging at installations worldwide utilizing the RPSS and standardize business approach and project delivery methods. We have developed the standards for RPIE Inventory Quality Assurance Evaluation based on Life-Safety, Critical Equipment, and lower levels of RPIE values. Our team validates collected data of the RPIE inventory and establishes uniform numbering requirements and naming conventions. We facilitate multi-discipline input and proactively recycle best practices back into program/project contracts and tools.

The OutFit personnel assists in planning and developing methods, procedures and policy for implementing program objectives, and provides assistance and support in the establishment of the program, resourcing and technical framework. Our team assists in developing formal processes for integrating and channeling RPIE and RFID-related initiatives and procedures into a standardized execution framework. The OutFit also provides Quality Assurance and data analysis functions for all RFID RPIE evolutions as well as all project support functions relating to a standardized execution framework.

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