Fort Irwin IM/IT Management

The OutFit provided Information Technologies (IT) support services for Weed Army Community Hospital (WACH), Ft. Irwin, CA, assisting in the review of test strategies, key phases, milestones, and the final project to ensure the best configuration and implementation was recommended. The OutFit coordinated with internal and external resources to evaluate performance and conduct quality assurance checks of system performance and the uninterrupted availability of project plans and documentation. By analyzing different methodologies and management strategies, The OutFit worked to facilitate theories and concepts, that aided in determining which goals and objectives needed additional emphasis. The OutFit team identified information system requirements and command responsibilities related to project implementation so that they could provide staff guidance for the definition and accomplishment of assigned programs and projects relative to the specific project scope, project plan, milestones, and deliverables.

The OutFit assumed responsibility for the justification, coordination, acquisition, and utilization of necessary resources for the project, which aided in the performance of technical evaluations on new and emerging systems. Additionally, we provided advice and assistance that maximized and optimized the project effort.

The OutFit also presented to management, senior leaders, and others key personnel the development of plans, schedules and all pertinent aspects of the project; including but not limited to: the development of requirements for administrative and technical capabilities, system configuration documents, actions and status of assigned tasks and any change control process recommendations. All the activities and deliverables of The OutFit adhered to the most stringent quality standards, and all efforts were made to aid in the solution to encountered obstacles; the highest standard was ensured by the quality control program implemented through the entirety of the project.