The professional team at The OutFit has more than 350 years of combined experience. Through a disciplined approach to planning, organizing, communicating, controlling resources, and most importantly, understanding the clients mission - The OutFit team achieves all goals and objectives of each project with the highest performance standards in the industry.

Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

On-site CADD surveys, remote drawing modifications, drawing maintenance, creation of drawing standards and procedures, DMLSS Drawing Management, and optimization of best practices are all focal points in which we tailor to our clients' needs.

Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)

The OutFit provides Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support - Facility Management (DMLSS-FM) services to the U.S. Government at multiple locations around the world, including the Continental U.S, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and Germany.

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Facility Sustainment and Life Cycle Management

The OutFit delivers innovative solutions for the enhancement and sustainment of an organization's infrastructure and facilities operations. Utilizing innovation and integrated technologies, we deliver superior quality, highly efficient, and maintainable facilities.

Initial Outfitting and Transition Support

The OutFit is committed to providing holistic Initial Outfitting and Transition (IO&T) support and planning services. This includes equipment planning, IT support, transition services, clinical planning, space planning, and relocation support.

Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) Support

Here at The OutFit, we recruit only the best and most knowledgeable individuals that provide Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) Quality Assurance Services and Database Analytics to the Department of Defense.

Construction Quality Management

Construction quality management is one of the pillars of project management and project delivery. Construction quality management is quality control on the job site and ensures that all parts of the project are up to code and safe for users.

Engineering and Technical Support

Building services are crucial to the optimum performance of healthcare establishments and amount to approximately 40% of the construction cost for a typical building. We have decades of experience in engineering of building services for healthcare facilities.

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Healthcare Facility Planning

The OutFit provides worldwide medical facility planning, architectural, engineering, construction management, and facility optimization services. Our multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts stands ready to assist you at every stage of the facility life cycle.

Project Management and Integration

Effective Project Management requires distinct technical skills and strong communication strategies. The OutFit has recruited a team of experienced and high caliber Project Managers, Facility Specialists, and Construction Quality Managers.

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Sustainment Restoration and Modernization

With our current focus on the stand up of the Facilities Operations Branch for the Defense Health Agency, The OutFit has recruited a team of experienced and high caliber Facility Operation Specialists and Project Management Specialists with a background in Army, Air Force, and Navy Healthcare Facilities Management.