SERVICES > Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support (DMLSS)

The OutFit provides Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support – Facility Management (DMLSS-FM) services to the U.S. Government at multiple locations around the world, including the Continental U.S, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, and Germany.

We ensure qualified professionals are in the field to implement processes and increase the effectiveness of facility support while reducing operating costs for the client.

The strategy for this service also includes development and oversight of all enterprise training, process improvements, and data quality improvement for over 29 million square feet of medical and support facilities.

Our Mission »

The OutFit recognizes that additional security measures are required for military medical facilities and their installations. All employees will adhere to and fulfil all AT-OPSEC procedures and training requirements. Additionally, The OutFit will pre-screen all candidates using the E-verify Program website to meet the established employment eligibility requirements. All OutFit employees will undergo a basic background screening upon receipt of a signed offer letter.

A completed NACI (National Agency Check with Inquiries) with FBI fingerprints will be provided as required by the scope of work where the employee is unable to be processed through their facility. Furthermore, The OutFit is actively pursuing CMMC Certification, as well as our facility clearance. We respect the government’s push for greater information security and will ensure all employees are prepared to protect this information appropriately.