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Here at The OutFit, we recruit only the best and most knowledgeable individuals that provide Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) Quality Assurance Services and Database Analytics to the Department of Defense.

These services encompass capturing accurate RPIE Inventories, Quality Assurance (QA) Services, and DMLSS Database Management.

Our proprietary techniques ensure maintenance programs have the foundation needed to successfully start, update, or enhance a preventive maintenance program. We accomplish this with data analytics for each site only using the most current guideline requirements to ensure they adhere to the strictest of standards. We also ensure compliance with codes, standards, directives, and criteria governing the operation, maintenance, and repair of medical treatment facilities.

Our Mission »

“This has been a game changer for Leadership as now the overall ‘health’ of every active project within DHA-FE can quickly be known without reviewing thousands of data points. Documentation generated includes a data dictionary, process map and multiple dashboards.”