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With our current focus on the stand up of the Facilities Operations Branch for the Defense Health Agency, The OutFit has recruited a team of experienced and high caliber Facility Operation Specialists and Project Management Specialists with a background in Army, Air Force, and Navy Healthcare Facilities Management.

The OutFit team effort at the San Antonio, TX DHA office involves SRM Project Prioritization and Execution, development of plans, design, and construction documents for Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization, and facilities-related IM/IT, to include infrastructure repair projects, healthcare projects, and medical renovation projects below $7.5 million.

Additionally, The OutFit provides Technical and Engineering support via designs and specifications reviews, support for onboarding MTFs to DHA, and assistance for MTFs for facility life cycle maintenance requirements, computer-aided drawing, accreditation service support, and maintenance contract management. The OutFit fully understands the delicate balance of prioritizing the Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization needs of DoD Medical Treatment Facilities, all while maintaining a fully functional facility.

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